BRAVE Curriculum

Hillside offers a broad and varied curriculum for all children and young people. Whilst recognising the need to provide access to all the subjects and learning experiences from the National Curriculum, we acknowledge the need to combine this with a more holistic view of learning with a focus upon a number of skills that can be challenging for our young people.

Our BRAVE Curriculum has been developed collaboratively, and in consultation with all stakeholders, designed specifically to support lifelong learning.

B – Bespoke

R – Reflective

A – Aspirational

V – Valuable

E – Engaging

BRAVE has been introduced to offer a Bespoke curriculum, after Reflecting upon what was previously delivered and creating a new curriculum that intertwines Aspirational learning experiences that are Valuable and Engaging. Through the new curriculum we have maximised opportunities to develop Communication and Language Skills, Physical Development, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Knowledge and Understanding of the World and Creative Arts whilst intertwining National Curriculum subjects. The ‘Valuable Skills‘ enable us to ‘Assess what we Value and Value what we Assess!’ with a real focus upon learning skills that will make a real difference to our pupils’ future.  

Home and Community-Based Learning features on every child and young person’s timetable each week. We believe that the earlier we start social and independence building skills, the more chance at success we have for the future. Community-Based Learning experiences include basic travel training, visits to the local shops, horse riding or perhaps even a visit to the hairdressers! For our younger children, we make visits that relate to early learning or mobility skills or visits to places that link to a topic or project.

As pupils move into the Secondary age phase at Hillside, they assume a similar structure to that found in most Secondary Schools. Pupils register with their tutor group and then move into their streamed groups for learning, suitably adapted to their individual needs.

‘Orwell’ is a group of learners that require a sensory curriculum. ‘Stour’ group have a more academic-based curriculum. We offer accredited courses that recognise the progress made by all of these pupils. We acknowledge that each of these groups will follow a different pathway.

Learning and social opportunities in the local community are reinforced to aid pupils to enter the world of work or help them to access independent or semi-independent living. Experiences for our older pupils include college placements, travel training, health and fitness, the exploration of new hobbies and interests as well as activities relating to independent living tasks and routines

We have a team of specialists that will offer targeted support, usually therapeutic, when required. They have access to our range of learning environments; hydrotherapy suite, therapy room and sensory rooms.

BRAVE will support;

  • Being challenging for all
  • Reflective practice – using effective questioning
  • Having opportunities for active learning
  • Ultimately, raising achievement

Please see our BRAVE Curriculum Plan for further information.

If you have any queries about our BRAVE Curriculum, please contact Lizzi Murphy, Acting Headteacher.