Hillside Special School

Hillside Special School
Sudbury, Suffolk


At Hillside, pupils’ Personalised Learning Plan Targets enable us to ‘Assess what we Value and Value what we Assess’ with a focus on learning skills that make a real difference to our pupils’ lives. We start with the end in mind and believe that the earlier we begin building social and independence skills, the more chance our pupils will have to succeed in the future. By taking this approach, more of our learners leave us with the individual learning skills they require for their next phase of life.

Assessment is a continuous process that follows the learner through their school career and feeds into planning for the development of lessons and experiences for each learner. Annual Reviews are held to track progress towards individual pupils’ Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) Outcomes. This provides teachers with a baseline against which a learner’s progress can be measured. This then enables teachers to set annual, appropriate, differentiated targets for all learners within their Personalised Learning Plan and to record their progress against these via Earwig’s online assessment system.

We recognise the uniqueness of each of our pupils and in turn the importance of setting pupil centred targets. We believe that the individualised approach of Earwig allows pupils to develop skills that are most meaningful to them.

Performance Measures

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