Hillside Special School

Hillside Special School
Sudbury, Suffolk

How to Pay Us

Cash and Cheque Payments

Families are able to make payments to us by cash or cheque. If paying by cheque, please make it payable to ‘Hillside Special School’.

Please send cash or cheques into school in sealed envelopes and provide the pupil's name, along with details of what the monies are for.


Online Payments

Families are able to pay for school dinners, Youth Club, Life Skills contributions, school trips and other school events online using their debit or credit cards, should they wish to.

To pay online, please click on one of the two links below to pay us via Suffolk County Council webpages.

Please note: Suffolk CC recommends you do not use Internet Explorer to access their payment system, as you may experience more issues compared to other web browsers. 

How to Pay for School Meals

To pay for school meals:

  • Go to: https://connect.suffolk.gov.uk/schoolmeals/ then:
  • Click ‘Start’
  • Click on the browser and select Hillside Special School from the list
  • Click ‘Next’
  • Type in your child’s first name, last name, date of birth and class
  • Click on the dates you wish to pay for meals for and check the ‘Number of Days Selected’ is correct (if your child is ever absent from school on a day you have previously selected, credits will be carried forward as usual)
  • Click ‘Next’ and make the payment

Please click here for further information on School Meals (including Free School Meals).

How to Pay for Other Items (e.g. Events, Contributions, Youth Club etc.)

  • To pay for Events, Contributions, Youth Club, school trips etc. go to: https://connect.suffolk.gov.uk/tripsanduniforms/ then:
  • Click ‘Start’ and select ‘School Trip’ (for all types of payment)
  • Click on the browser and select ‘Hillside Special School’ from the list
  • In the Trip box, please type in the name of the trip/event or ‘Youth Club’, ‘Life Skills Donation’ or another appropriate narrative. Please ensure this is clear, to ensure we allocate the funds to the correct purpose
  • In the Price box, type the amount you are paying
  • In the Pupil Name box, please ensure you enter first name and surname, to ensure we allocate the funds to the correct family
  • Enter your child’s Class name
  • Click ‘Next’ and make the payment


Please be aware that refunds are possible. However, credits will usually be carried forward to future meals/events, as appropriate.


Donations and Fundraising

You can donate to the school directly, either by cash or cheque payable to 'Hillside Special School' or via an Online Payment as above, please add Donation to the narrative of your payment.



Alternatively, if you would like to support us by making a donation to, or fundraising for, The Parents and Friends of Hillside Special School charity, this can be done through our Just Giving page.

For fundraising events, please click on the blue 'Fundraise for us' button or click on this link, where you will be able to set up your own fundraising page.

For one-off donations, please click on the white 'Donate' button or click on this link.


If you wish to carry out a fundraising event, please contact the school in advance to discuss it and we can help to share your message.

With our thanks in advance.